CSC Week #2

Written by Jesse Criss

Welcome to the second week of the Creativity Spark Challenge. If you’re not sure what the Creativity Spark Challenge is or want a refresher on why I’ve launched this challenge go back and read the first post and check out last week’s post. 

PROGRAM CREATIVITY: One of the ways creativity can be sparked is through program CPR (Create, Plan and Redesign) and is an excellent tool to jumpstart creativity. This week I want you to focus on “Create”. Your challenge is to make a bullet point list of as many ideas, themes or events you can think of that you have never done before or always wanted to do. If it helps create a list for each of the categories below. Don’t get caught up in the details the sky is the limit so dream BIG.

  1. Small Groups
  2. Retreats
  3. Sermons
  4. Outreach Events
  5. Community Opportunities 

NOTE: If this topic interests you check out our “Guidebook on Planning Events ”. It goes into this process in more detail and will walk you through the event creation process. 

SPIRITUAL CREATIVITY: In ministry, we often come across “BIG” theological words that need to be broken down for anyone to understand. The following is a list of a few “BIG” theology words. Your challenge is to come up with a creative way to teach or explain one or all of these words. If it helps consider the following question, how would I explain this theological concept to a grade 6 student?

    • Hypostatic Union
    • Trinity
    • Sanctification
    • Grace
    • Justification
    • Predestination 

PERSONAL CREATIVITY: This week’s personal creativity challenge is to encourage one person a day. How you encourage them is 100% up to you and that’s where the creativity comes into play. Try and think about what their love language is (Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time or Acts of Service) to make a bigger impact. However, don’t get too focused or stuck on this part. The goal is to spend the week thinking about others and encouraging those around you. If you need a few ideas, check out these examples.

    • Send a text
    • Write and mail a letter
    • Photoshoot / Sharing a memory 
    • Cooking/Baking something for someone else
    • getting together for some quality time 
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If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.


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