My Story

I received a call into Ministry when I was 13 years old and stepped into my first paid position as a youth pastor when I was 18. For the last 17 years God has lead me on a journey on Ministry that has had triumphs, success, hurts, pains, loss, betrayal and everything in-between. However at no time since I was 13 years old have I ever been on my own. God has positioned people time and time again in my life at the right moment to see me through and become a better Pastor, Husband and now Father.

One of the reasons I got into ministry was to do for others what was done for me. Fresh Ministry Consulting is my way of giving back for all those people who gave for me. No matter where you are or what the situation is your going through I want to be there to come along side of you, pray for you, support you and maybe help you see the situation through a different set of lenses.

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