CSC Week #1

Written by Jesse Criss and edited by Sophia Savalli

Welcome to the first week of the Creativity Spark Challenge. If you’re not sure what the Creativity Spark Challenge is or want a refresher on why I’ve launched this challenge go back and read the first post. 

Also, before you begin I want to remind you that you can jump into as little or as much as you want each week. You’re welcome to try one of the creativity sparks or all three it’s 100% up to you. All I ask is that you try, remember the goal is to spark creativity, stretch that creative muscle and not seek perfection. If you want, you’re welcome to email your discoveries with me and I’ll build a master list over time to share with everyone. 

PROGRAM CREATIVITY: Someone drops you off a bag of supplies for youth group tonight. Using the contents of the bag plan a game/activity that is 15-30 minutes in length. For this activity, plan the whole event from the title, description, how to play, winning, and leader support. You can use extra supplies BUT you must incorporate everything in the bag. BAG OF SUPPLIES: Apples, wood skewers, brown paper bags, orange cones, pool noodles and string or tape. 

SPIRITUAL CREATIVITY: Pick one of Jesus’ parables to write an outline for a short talk or devotional. Try to pick one that you have never used or one that you might find a bit harder, but don’t pick your favourite or go-to story. For the outline I want you to write a “news” format. Think of it this way… 

  • Who is this for? 
  • What is going on? 
  • When can this be applied? 
  • Where am I in the story? 
  • Why is Jesus sharing this story? 
  • How does it apply to my everyday life?

PERSONAL CREATIVITY: I want you to make a plan to do something between now and Christmas that you have always wanted to do locally but have never had a chance to do. It doesn’t have to be big, it could be as simple as a walk through a park, eating at a particular restaurant or going on an adventure. I have only two ground rules. 

  1. You need to try and do it with someone else (community) 
  2. You are forbidden from talking about your work (rest). To help hold you accountable tell the person/people you’re going with that you CAN NOT talk about your work. 
Jesse Title Grey Background
If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.




3 thoughts on “CSC Week #1

  1. Ran into Ben Jepsen today and he said he was shocked to hear you’d left the ministry. He hadn’t heard about these emails so I forwarded it to him.

    He said you were one of the best in Canada 🇨🇦



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