What you “do” is not “who” you are 

Have you ever stopped to consider the question, is what you “do” who you are?… maybe it’s time that you do?

Students are students, not adults

The saying goes, “students are students, not adults” in Youth Ministry. But for us, I think the phrase should be, “adults are adults, but not every adult is the same.”

Other People Are Smarter Than You

Did you know that other people are smarter than you?

God Doesn’t Live in a Box

If we are truly going to lead others, we need to understand that God doesn’t live in a box, and neither should we.

Expectations are Everything

Every organization in the world, even the church, has written, followed and hidden expectations. The question is, how do we avoid the landmines?

A Passive-Aggressive Recipe

No one ever sets out to be a passive-aggressive leader, but the byproduct of that kind of leadership has collateral damage that can affect everyone.

Setting Realistic Goals

As a leader, you will always have to set goals and expectations for yourself and the people you lead. But you also get to choose how you set those goals.

It’s Always Sunny

In leadership, unforeseen and uncontrollable stuff will always come up. The question is do you fight against it, or do you trust the work you have done.

Getting Started

Being a primary leader is extremely difficult, and you’re going to make mistakes, I sure did. Join me as we learn from our mistakes and learn how to lead better one step at a time.

Thirty Minutes Faster 

What would your life and ministry be like if you were to live thirty minuets faster?

How To: Prioritize Work

Recently of one of the people, I coach asked me the following question and I thought I would share my response and a weekly template you can try out on your own.

At The Table

When was the last time you invited someone to join you at your table and talk about life, love and faith?

Helping parents get the information on their teens

Parent Support: Marijuana

What to do with students and marijuana can be extremely tough. Take a moment to hear a students prospective on how parents can talk to their kids.

Life-Sized Risk

This is everything you need to pull off an amazing Life-Sized Risk Event.

Humans Vs Zombies

Humans Vs Zombies is a large group game and one epic event.

How To: Christian School Kids

Have you ever wondered what to do with Christian School kids in your group? Why don’t you let a Christian School kid give you some tips.

DNA: Year Long Planner

Creating a Year Long Planner is extremely important but something everyone has done. This DNA Guide will help you craft your very own planner.

HMM: Difficult Small Groups

Small Group Leadership can be both a deeply rewarding and fruitful journey, and a trying and difficult season.

How To: Networking

This is a guide for all those people who know they have to network but don’t really like doing it.

How To: Weddings

Every Pastor at some point in time will get asked to do a wedding, but are you ready?

HMM: Letting A Leader Go

One of the hardest moments for any Pastor/Director is the moment you need to let go of a volunteer leader.

DNA Great Youth Games

Samatha is one of the BEST games people I have ever met and someone I turn to for advice on how to lead Great Youth Games.

DNA: How to Write A Sermon

It’s exciting to see young men and women step up and preach in their youth groups, but preaching can be a daunting task. There is an art form and method to it, on-top of the fact you want to make sure you are interpreting God’s word correctly.

Critical Questions: 10 Tips for Leading a Small Group

Leading a small group is not always as easy as it may seem, and often comes with little to no practical training. These tips will hopefully save you from learning some of them the hard way.

Guidebook: Successful Events

This guidebook contains what I wish someone had told me when I first started out.

Transitions: Students Prospective

Transitions can be hard on a Youth Pastor but they are not the only people that struggle

Summer Ministry

Summer Ministry is one of the most vital times in Youth and here’s why


Retreats are one of the most important events we can do in youth ministry.

Top 10: Transition Tips

Transitions can be hard but this Guide can help you Transition better.

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