GAME: Apple Lego

Each week as part of the Creativity Spark Challenge I will be posting some of my creative ideas based on that week’s challenge. If you’re not sure what the Creativity Spark Challenge is or want a refresher on why I’ve launched this challenge go back and read the first post. Check out the game below and consider following along each Monday/Tuesday for the next few months.

WEEK #1 PROGRAM CREATIVITY: Someone drops you off a bag of supplies for Youth Group tonight. Using the contents of the bag plan a game/activity that is 15-30 minutes in length. For this activity, plan the whole event from the title, description, how to play, winning, and leader support. You can use extra supplies BUT you must incorporate everything in the bag. BAG OF SUPPLIES: Apples, wood skewers, brown paper bags, orange cones, pool noodles and string or tape.

GAME NAME: Apple Lego

DESCRIPTION: Teams must relay race their apple pieces through a series of obstacles from one side of the room to the other. Once all of the apple pieces have been moved teams must reassemble the apple back together using only the supplied tape and string. The whole apple must be accounted for and the winner is the team who finishes first OR has the most complete apple. 


  • Cut up 1 apple per expected team into 8 pieces each. Keep the pieces together in one of the brown paper bags. Consider placing the apples in ziplock first then in the bag so apple juice doesn’t wreck the bag. 
  • Set up classic relay race lanes for the expected number of teams you are hoping to have. Using the pool noodles and orange cones create a series of obstacles in each relay race lane that will force students to be creative on how they carry their apple. Consider using additional supplies like tables and chairs.
  • Set up a starting and ending point for each team
    • At the starting point put 1 brown paper bag with 1 apple and 1 wood skewer for each expected team member. 
  • At the ending point have the same amount of string/tape for each team as well as one chair/table they can use to keep their apple pieces for reassembly. 


  • Divide your group into teams of even numbers and assign them of a relay race lane.
  • When you say “GO” one member of the team must place a wood skewer in their mouth and skewer 1 piece of apple. They will then run the relay race course without dropping the apple piece. If they do they can get it again but they cannot use their hands. When they reach the other side they place their apple on their team’s chair/table and the next member of the team goes. 
  • This continues until all members of the team have moved all apple pieces. If a team has fewer members than apple pieces team members may have to go twice.
  • Once all the apple pieces are together the team must re-assemble the apple using the tape/string provided. 
  • The winner is the team who finishes first OR has the most complete apple. 


  • Consider using an apple cutter to help cut the apple. You should get 8 wedges and 1 core then for the relay race you can use all 9 pieces.
  • You could mix up the apples so each team gets 8 random pieces of apple. It would make rebuilding the apple much more difficult… I’m 100% sure it would work but it would be fun
  • The secret to the game is the obstacle course more than the apple building. So have fun with making it and use the supplies you have. 
  • If you’re worried about the wooden skewers you could use popsicle sticks but they could break the apple easier. 

VARIATION – Lego My Eggo 

  • For this variation, you can use an Eggo instead of an apple.
  • The race part would be the same but at the end of the relay, there would be a paper plate on a chair/table. Instead of putting the waffle back together team would have to run some butter on a plastic knife and syrup on a spoon or in a small communion cup. In addition to the 8 pieces of Eggo.
  • Once the 8 pieces of waffle are together on the plate with the butter and syrup. One member of the team must eat the waffle. The first team to complete it wins.
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If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.


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