WHAT DO WE DO: Our goal is to help Youth Pastors and Lay Leaders navigate the BIG practical question in Youth Ministry like, How do I develop a teaching plan? How do I create an event? How do I implement change in my program? How do I navigate church politics? or why does Student Leadership matter? We do this by providing a digital resources and training guides and one-on-one consulting 

Helping Pastors, Leaders and Churches get the tools they need to impact students with the Gospel of Jesus.

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WHY IT WORKS: When you use Fresh Ministry Consulting you get instant access to tools to help you address some of the biggest questions in Youth Ministry from a Canadian context. It’s digital, universal and private so what ever question you have I’m here to help you find the answer.

WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT: I received a call into Ministry when I was 13 years old and stepped into my first paid position as a youth pastor when I was 18. For the last 18 years God has led me on a journey on Ministry that has had triumphs, success, hurts, pains, loss, betrayal and everything in-between. It is this experience spread out for 6 churches of various sizes, shapes, type, denominations and locations that has given me a well-rounded understanding of Youth Ministry. Within Canada no one is providing this kind of umbrella support for Pastor and Leaders.