WHAT I DO: I help Youth Pastors and Lay Leaders navigate the BIG practical question in Youth Ministry like, How do I develop a teaching plan? How do I create an event? How do I implement change in my program? How do I navigate church politics? why does Student Leadership Matter?. I do this by providing a digital training and equipping archive, one on one consulting and custom ministry plans. 

WHO ITS FOR: To help Pastors, Leaders and Churches get the tools they need to impact students with the Gospel of Jesus

WHY IT WORKS: When you use Fresh Ministry Consulting you get instant access to tools to help you address some of the biggest questions in Youth Ministry from a Canadian context. It’s digital, universal and private so what ever question you have I’m here to help you find the answer. 

WHAT MAKES FRESH MINISTRY DIFFERENT: I received a call into Ministry when I was 13 years old and stepped into my first paid position as a youth pastor when I was 18. For the last 17 years God has lead me on a journey on Ministry that has had triumphs, success, hurts, pains, loss, betrayal and everything in-between. It is this experience spread out for 6 churches of various sizes, shapes, type, denominations and locations that has given me a well rounded understanding of Youth Ministry. Within Canada no one is providing this kind of umbrella support for Pastor and Leaders that are struggling to find a way to connect the heart they have for students with the practical day to day work of ministry. 

HOW IT WORKS: Everyone starts with instant access to our archive of Top Youth Pastor/Leader questions. It is regularly updated and many of the videos have supplement material all for free. From there its really up to you how far you want to go but the bulk of material will be available for free (donations are welcome). Periodically some material will be behind a pay wall or you can also choose to book personal consulting time where we can tackle specific question you may have. Onsite meetings are possible if and when scheduling allows for it. 

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