Social Media and Youth Ministry

I get asked all the time about my thoughts around Social Media and how to use it best within Youth Ministry. I think I’m good with it but I know my friend Carla Thisssen is significantly better. Below are some of her thoughts on Social Media, and if you have more questions your welcome to contact Fresh Ministry or better yet contact Carla


This is a tough topic to hit, probably by the time you read this, all that I am sharing will be irrelevant.  I will share some of my go to items I use to create content, what I post and where.


  1. First and foremost a friend shared with me this awesome tool called Canva! It’s an amazing way to create content and have templates you don’t have to make up in the right sizing based on what social media platform you want to use. So check out Canva, it takes a bit to learn, but once you do, you never go back to anything else. You can use it for Brochures, Facebook, Instagram, Website , etc..
  1. You most likely have a few photographers in your youth ministries, whether it is a youth or leader. Grab them! Set up a time to meet up, and allow anyone in your ministry to join the shoot! This was a great way to create content that your youth want to see, be a part of and its very eye catching when your photographer has great editing skills. (you can also easily download all your photos onto Canva so you can use it instead of the templates they have to create unique content)
  1. If you are stuck for a photo and you want something Hi-Res and free. Go to Unsplash, this has helped me with my Christmas banquet tickets, just a nice easy background that is nice but not noticeably taken from google
  1. I typically post once a week, curated content that is eye catching but informative. People want to look at you as someone who knows what they are doing, easy for kids to find what they need to know without having to filter through a ton of photos AND this helps with social media issues and parents. If you don’t have the waiver signed by each parent that it is difficult to share well. So if you get nice photos of the students who were approved for the photoshoots than you have beautiful photos of your youth and leaders that they would be excited to see on your platforms


  1. I noticed my youth go on Snapchat, Vscos, Twitter, Facebook (kind of), Instagram and now Vero. So I decided, instead of making my life horrible and constantly going on everything, I tried to choose the places I felt had good company policies and were user friendly for myself. So I picked two. I have a facebook profile that is strictly for my church, so mine is Carla At Bakerview (because youth don’t look at pages anymore apparently), and an instagram account that is closed and only for my Youth Group (media waiver issues! Make sure you cover yourself). And I use all my photoshoot items for my website that instantly updates my facebook profile when I blog post.
  1. If I want to be goofy, I share on Instastories, maybe a couple clips about what is happening at youth with a filter. But typically I share about what needs to be shared.
  1. I try to spend 30 minutes on Monday mornings liking and commenting on my youth’s Instagrams, Facebook Birthday notifications so they see and feel heard on the online realms. But I truly feel that my time is better spent making sure I create good content that is informative and well thought out (a bit professional).
  1. I cannot keep up with latest trends on social media, and I don’t want to. Its too much work and not my job. My job is to disciple, lead well, and create a safe environment for youth to attend and call home. We want them to see that on your platforms (as well as the parents see that).

These are some of my tips, if you have any questions I would love to field them! I truly enjoy working online and have a few side businesses that is strictly content creations and website design.  So let me know how I can help you!

By Carla Thiessen

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