Weekly Wrap Mar 23

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of new content added to Fresh Ministry and I though I would take a moment a highlight some of it and give our first ever Ministry Shout Out.

Ministry Shout Out

This week I want to highlight Sonlife Ministries. They an an amazing organization with a huge heart to empower and equip students to reach their friends. I would check out there Peer to Peer Evangelism (it’s free) and the new 2×2 Devo’s. I use all their stuff for my Student Leadership program.

DNA Series Title

HOW TO WRITE A SERMON: It’s exciting to see young men and women step up and preach in their youth groups, but preaching can be a daunting task. There is an art form and method to it, on-top of the fact you want to make sure you are interpreting God’s word correctly.

Great Games

GREAT GAMES: Samatha is one of the BEST games people I have ever met and someone I turn to for advice on how to lead Great Youth Games take a few minuets and check out her video.

Hard Ministry Moments Title

LETTING A LEADER GO: One of the hardest moments for any Pastor/Director is the moment you need to let go of a volunteer leader, but when God is at the centre of it all the possibilities for everyone are endless.

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