99 Years of Faith

Billy Graham Preaching Bible

Today we morn and celebrate the passing of Rev. Billy Graham. Rev. Graham died at the age of 99 and lived a life on mission for God. Though I have not always followed Rev. Graham I have always admired his passion, calling and dedication to a life of ministry.

This last weekend I found myself thinking about how many more Sunday I had to get up at 6:00am and get ready go to Church. I was tired, a bit sick and the week coming seemed crazy. I was dreaming about being a regular Christian, not  Pastor/Teach, not someone with responsibility, but just a Christian in a pew. Someone who could just go to church when they wanted and leave WHEN IT WAS OVER, and for a moment it was a nice idea. But that’s not really what God has called me to and that morning He saw fit to reminded me of that. As students responded to my call to follow Jesus and the message He has placed on my lips that Sunday, I was reminded that I have a calling… not just a job.

Rev. Graham lived his calling to the very end of his life at 99. Some might say he did his best work after he hit “retirement age” and his legacy has had a generational impact. Today I find myself praying for a similar heart. To serve God faithfully not for another 29 years (I’m 36 right now) until I hit retirement, but for all the years of my life, right to the very end.

As a tribute to Rev. Graham I’ve reposted his one and only TED talk. I have always loved it and it continues to inspire me every time I watch it… ENJOY

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