Parent Support: Marijuana

Helping parents get the information on their teens

A Students Prospective written by Evan Wang 

Parent Support: It’s harder to be a parent these days than ever before and they have more and more questions than ever before. This series will strive to answer some of the biggest parent questions from he prospective of pastors, leaders and students. 

Author Info: Evan is a Grade 11 students from Vancouver Canada. He attends a local Christian school and has had some experience in this world. Evan is an amazing young leader who loves God and has a heart for his peers.

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Kids nowadays are curious, searching for an identity, and above all, mischievous. Parents like to believe that through past environments, and the teachings of their parents, that the stigma of marijuana usage is true. Homelessness, laziness and the failure of getting accepted to university all derives from the decision of taking a puff of a joint. Of course, involuntary anxiety will begin once your kids get exposed to high school, which is the pinnacle of where marijuana is used. However, these feelings interrupt the trust that parents have with their kids. Teenagers aren’t dumb, they can easily sense uneasiness in their parent’s behaviour. They can easily alter their own persona to adapt to their parent’s satisfaction, and when you FEEL that they aren’t showing any more signs, some unusual behaviours manifest unconsciously. Snooping around your children’s room for anything that may lead to trouble is very common, and often nothing is found. How is that trying or even conspiring about the possibility of your children partaking in marijuana help your relationship with them, or with God? Being open-minded to the exploration of your children is necessary for more comfortability in your household. Of course, being careless with your children is detrimental. However, just having closure about the THOUGHT of your kids smoking weed will be beneficial to yourself and the child. 


 Of course, having a talk with your kid about drug use is dreadful. However, ASKING your kid about drug use is different. Learn about their circumstances, feel the emotions of which they might be feeling about the use of drugs. Understanding their point of view is crucial, even if they say they are open to the idea, try not to get hot-headed. Getting frustrated is the usual result, but this often leads to a higher probability of them going behind your back and using it for the sake of disobedience. Think about the wives tale of candy being hidden from children, they are still going to secretly take some candy. NOTHING you physically do can actually prevent you kids from drug use. Talking it out, and praying alongside with them, however, can allow yourself and the child to express personal opinions about the topic. Simply asking “how do YOU think marijuana can affect you” or “what good do you think can come out of smoking weed” will plant a thought process into your child’s brain and actually think about the ramifications of smoking. 


Do not assume that just because you sent your children to Sunday school and force them to attend services that they are automatically in a meaningful relationship with Christ. Let them figure out their OWN path and only assist them when they want you to. A large portion of Christian raised teens who endeavour in drug use, are the ones who are numbed to the concept of Gods love and overlook their possible deep and personal relationship with Christ. A big problem with teens is that they really don’t want to talk to you. This is not all their fault, subjecting them into uncomfortable conversations will result with dry and shallow dialogue. Make time with your kids. They might not want to talk to you, but don’t be mad about that. However, make your conversations available, direct all talks in the car, before bed and in the morning about their faith, and how God has worked in yours and their life. These kinds of talks will allow growth in your relationship and a better understanding of how you think and options on subjects. 


Everything you think about marijuana is most likely true. All the things you hear about marijuana being a gateway, a mind-numbing substance and a catalyst for laziness. However, you thinking these things don’t mean your kid does. You must understand that YOUR opinion does not reflect your CHILDS knowledge. Establishing that you thinking that weed is bad does not translate to FACT will allow your child to think for themselves and see real consequences of putting a stop to experiencing Gods love and His works in their live 

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