Guidebook: Successful Events

This guidebook contains what I wish someone had told me when I first started out. It focuses on helping you plan and execute events that you feel excited about, teens will want to attend, and that will further the mission and vision of your church.

This was an exciting project and one that I am so pumped to be able to share with you all. One of the goals of Fresh Ministry Consulting is to answer the questions no one is willing to ask. I got my first church job at 18 and I didn’t really know what I was doing. I had a few ideas but I mostly flew by the seat of my pants. I remember being so afraid to admit to people in Bible School that I had no idea how to run a successful event. It took years of trial and error to figure out a framework that worked for me.

This book is the byproduct of that adventure and represents the heart of Fresh Ministry. You can pick up your own digital copy of “Guidebook Series: Planning Events” from our digital store or directly from Download Youth Ministry and if you have any questions or would like help implementing aspects of the book into your program let our team know. We would love to come along side of you and offer any support or help that we can. You can contact our team for more information about consulting.


Jesse and The Fresh Ministry Team 

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