My Personal Action Plan

I believe relationships, student empowerment, prayer and community are what Student Ministries need to be as we respond to Covid-19. 

Not the last two weeks, I have been watching from the sidelines as church and ministries react and adjust to the new realities of the world. But it’s been a sidelines view so far, as I’m not currently in a full-time ministry role.

However, I started to ask myself what I would do in this situation? What would my focus be? How would I lead at this time?

So the following is what my action plan would have been had I still been in a full-time Student Ministries role. I want to be clear this is not a critique of how people and churches are responding. The following is 100% how I would tackle this situation based on what I believe about Student Ministries and my 19 years of experience as a Pastor. 

Click the download link to access the PDF and if any of this sparks a question or you have feedback for me, please send me an email and let’s chat. 

DOWNLOAD: My Personal Action Plan Covid 19

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If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.


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