Happy New Resources

The other day a new friend of mine and I got together for coffee and Youth Ministry shop talk. We got to talking about resources and leadership development and it was a great conversation. When we were done I promised him I would send an email of resources his way.

That email got me thinking that maybe more than one person might appreciate a resource list. So here is what I sent my buddy Dan and a few extras for you internet folks… enjoy.


  • LeaderTreks: Fantastic organization that is focused a lot on student leadership. This link is specific to their “Sweet Spot” resource.
  • Sonlife: This is a classic resource website and you will want to check out their “two X two” resources.
  • Growing Down: My buddy Ken Caster wrote an excellent book about how to build a Jesus centred faith. It’s a small but powerful resource.
  • YouthWorks: If you’re looking for missions opportunities for your students these guys are epic. But they have also created a ton of free resources you won’t want to miss.
  • 228 Publishers: Chase and Anne are epic and their ministry is 100% worth checking out. Not only do they help people (like me) get published. Chase is an excellent writer himself and has produced some fantastic resources.
  • The Source For Youth: For the last 10+ years this site has been the source for some of my favourite youth ministry games. Scroll down to the game search and enter what you’re looking for… you will take me later… trust me 😛


  • Journey Book Series: A new devotional book series designed to help a student/adult process what they are reading from the Bible. The Gospels are currently available and my goal is to have the whole Bible done by the end of 2020. Everything will be available at your local Amazon store.
  • Digital Bookstore: Over the last few years Fresh Ministry has published 6 digital ebooks. All of where are available at our bookstore or you can find them on DYM.


  • 3131 Worksheet Freebie: A few months back I put together this free worksheet for event planning. Free free to use and manipulate it to your heart’s content.
  • The Future Of Youth Ministry Manifesto: A while back I had some thoughts about the future of Youth Ministry. Maybe you’ll like what you read or maybe you won’t but my hope is that it will spark you to think.
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If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.


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