A Step Of Faith

by Jesse Criss Edited with Grammarly Try it Free

The last three months of my life has been in transition, and for the last 19 years, I have done one single thing. Today both of these things changed. I’ve officially accepted a role at Apple in Coquitlam BC as a Technical Expert, this is definitely different from what I’ve been doing for the last 19 years, but it’s an exciting change.

If you know me, then the most important question you probably have is “why are you leaving the ministry? because I thought you would be in it for life”. That’s a great question, and something I’ve been wrestling with, but the answer is simple.

I started vocational (paid) ministry 19 years ago this October. I felt a call to ministry when I was in High School and at 18 knew I didn’t want to flip burgers while in university. All I wanted to do was work for a church, and it took me a while to find one willing to put their faith in a young, passionate and energetic teenager. But a small church called Woodcliff United, give me an opportunity. God used them to open a door, and an incredible journey began all those years ago.

Today feels very similar. God again as opened a series of doors and opportunities that I wasn’t expecting. Over the years, I have wondered if I would ever work anywhere outside of ministry. But I never would I have thought I would work for a company like Apple or that they would even want to hire me, but God has had other plans. For 19 years, I have been teaching students to walk through the doors God is opening in their lives, and so today is my turn to follow my advice.

To be clear, I am NOT DONE with ministry, youth culture or having an active role in the local church. Instead, I’m embracing the fact that for the first time in 19 years I’m going to be a volunteer who loves and serves the local church. Also, Fresh Ministry isn’t going away anytime soon. I’ve got a long list of books and blogs I want to write and as we speak 228 Publishing is finishing work on my fifth book.  I’m actually hoping this new job might give me a bit more time to write.

Overall these are exciting days in the Criss house. It still involves a step of faith, and I would ask that from time to time when you pick-up your iPhone you remember to pray for my family and me.

Thank you for your love and support in the journey.

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If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.

3 thoughts on “A Step Of Faith

  1. This is a strong person telling an story of opportunities that came your way and your courage to take the next steps. I am very proud to know you. Your aunt Teresa.


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