Kissing Christianity Goodbye

by Jonathan Kornelsen

Many of us in the ministry world heard of another influential church leader (Joshua Harris) declaring to the world that he was “Kissing Christianity Goodbye”, and in the process was also permanently separating from his wife.  Many of us in the Youth Ministry world were shocked, saddened, and disheartened. Some of us related to his struggles, and sadly some of us were quick to cast judgment towards him by making unnecessary comments online such as: “I saw this coming” or “I’m not surprised”. As I reflected on the many articles and comments that I read I kept thinking “This could be you Jon…you need to check your heart! ”. You see, what you and I always need to remember is that not even the best pastors of North America are immune to sinfulness, burnout, and brokenness in relationships, don’t believe me? Look at King David himself, a man after God’s own heart, who fell into his own temptation. David’s pride, lust, and ego got the best of him and the price of his sin was huge. Everything from his family to his leadership was affected ( 2 Samuel 11- 1 Kings 2) by the consequences of his sin. 

You see folks, we are all sinners in need of God’s grace daily in our lives, and the consequences for our unchecked, unrepented sin in death (Ezekiel 33:18). As we learn from David’s story and from Joshua Harris’s story is our sinfulness also has the potential to affect so much more; everything from our leadership, churches, and most importantly our marriages, and families will be impacted. The cost is too high. 

So, the question I want to ask you today is: are you faced with the reality of your own sinfulness and pride today? If not you should check your heart, and submit everything to Jesus. Are your priorities in check? Do you find yourself slipping into sin? If so you should check your heart,  repent, and submit your life to Jesus. 

None of us will ever know exactly why Joshua Harris “Kissed Christianity Goodbye”, except for Joshua Harris, but what we can do in light of yet another Pastor falling away is to ensure we do everything we can to not compromise our faith, family, or the bride of Christ.

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