Catching Up — Good, Bad and Ugly

Week: July 28-Aug 10

What was GOOD this week? Last weekend was the “wedding weekend of power”. Two former students got married on the same day in two locations. I officiated the first wedding in the morning and attended the second. It’s so fun to see students I’ve known for almost 8 years growing up and start a whole new chapter. It was a day of memories, friends and good food.

What was BAD this week? It’s been a hard few weeks on the job front. I had my name into two places and they both chose to take a pass. I know God is working but rejection has a sting especially when you’re excited about the opportunities. This will be a bog post in the future but right now I kinda just want this week to be over.

What was UGLY this week? See above 😛

How’s your HEART doing? Overall if I had to give it a rating out of 10 I would give it a 5. Some of this has to do with the rejections and some of this has to do with not currently being in Cuba on a missions trip with my most recent group. It’s been a tough week for things of the heart.

What’s making me happy this week? Amazing friends coming over for food to talk about life, love, and faith. They have made an extremely difficult few weeks a better. Their love and support have gone a long way to ease a hurting heart.

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