Transition Season

As I watch the blogs, Facebook posts and talk to ministry friends it has become abundantly clear that Transition Season is upon us. Each year between May and August, Youth Pastors and Leaders from across the country will make big moves.
This will happen for all kinds of reasons and it’s not my place to question, judge or comment on those reasons. However I do believe that we don’t transition well. The issue is not in the “why” of transition but more the “how” we actually make those transitions.
Almost a year ago now we published 2 Guides/Videos about how to transition well. One was my prospective as a Youth Pastor and the other was from a recent graduate about what students need from a transitioning Youth Pastor. Both prospective do there best to tackle the challenge and offer some solutions.
Check out the two prospective here…
And if you happen to be in transition right now, know that we are praying for you, God loves you and that you are more then just your job you are a child of God. Never forget that and Happy Ministry Transition Season

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