Hello Spanish Edition

Today I’m extremely excited to announcing that our DNA: How to Write A Sermon guide has been translated into SPANISH. A friend of mine, Heather Molina did the translation work. Heather and her husband Arturo are missionaries in the San Quintin Valley in Mexico. We became friends a number of years ago after my youth group did some trips with their missions organization “One Life One Chance“.

One of the goals of Fresh Ministry is to empower Pastors and Leaders with the tools they need to do ministry. It was always my dream not to be limited to Canada/USA english language ministries. There is a need to resources around the globe and now because of Heather and the amazing work the Molina’s are doing in Mexico. Our first resource is available in Spanish. However this wasn’t just about translating a file. Heather and Arturo are hoping to use it for the local Pastors and Leaders they work with and I will be taking it with me this summer to Cuba where my Youth Group will be teaching a few hundred local youth students.

I’m excited to see what God is going to do through this opportunity and am so THANKFUL to Heather for taking the time to do the translation in the middle of getting ready for summer mission teams.

If you would like to know more about “One Life One Chance” or what Heather and Arturo are up to make sure you check them out and even consider supporting their work.

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