The Lock-In

A few months back there was a number of blog posts on some youth communities that called for the “END” of the LOCK-IN. I read all of the comments, I red the blog posts and I even jumped into the conversation a bit. However in the end I walked away with some strong feelings about what I was reading.

See I believe that the LOCK-IN is one of the best events we can throw as Youth Pastors/Leaders and Youth Specialties gave me the opportunity to express that belief. Check it out HERE

Like always if you have any questions shoot me an email and lets chat.

Blessings Jesse

Influence: Student Roles

A few weeks back I had an amazing opportunity to write a Blog Post for Youth Specialties. It was based on the idea that we need to harness the power of “Influential” students for leadership in our programs.

It was a fantastic opportunity and fits in with the work Fresh Ministry Consulting can do for you and your ministry. Take a look at the post and feel free to email me if you have any questions.


More To Come

Well it has been been a few months since Fresh Ministry Consulting launched and so far its been an exciting time. God’s been opening doors, bring people into the conversation and just laying down a foundation of good things to come.

Our content so far has been about “Transitions” and I encourage you to check out the guides/videos we have already made. However there are a lot of exciting things still to come. Our next series focus is coming in September and its called DNA. We are putting together a series of guides/videos that will help you get the foundations down for some of the key things we all do in Youth Ministry; events, retreat, calendar planning and worship. I’m also excited because we are partner with some amazing people to create that content.

Whenever I get a chance to talk to people about my hopes and dreams for Fresh Ministry Consulting, I’m told my eyes light up. I’m excited about the future and believe that God truly has something for all of us. As a team we are still working out the kinks and it’s going to take time. But I’ve never promised polish, perfection or even good grammar. My promise and commitment to you is this…


So if you need something let us know. You can email me HERE or go over to the Consulting tab and fill out the contact form.

Know I’m praying for you and Thank You for your support as we start this journey together