DNA Series Title

DNA: Como Escribir un Sermón

Traducido por Heather Molina


SUMMERY: Thanks to Heather Molina, today I’m extremely excited to announcing that our “DNA: How to Write A Sermon Guide” has been translated into SPANISH.


E-BOOK GUIDES: In partnership with Youth Specialities

HARD MINISTRY MOMENTS: There are often Hard Ministry Moments (HMM). These moments require you to dig deeper, trust God harder and often step up and take leadership in an area. 

  • Difficult Small Groups: Small Group Leadership can be both a deeply rewarding and fruitful journey, and a trying and difficult season.
  • Letting A Leader Go: One of the hardest moments for any Pastor/Director is the moment you need to let go of a volunteer leader, but when God is at the centre of it all the possibilities for everyone are endless.
  • Top 10 Transition Tips: Regardless of why the transitioning is happening we need to make sure that we transition well and honour the ministry / church / program we are leaving.
  • Transition A Students Prospective: Transitions can be hard on a Youth Pastor but they are not the only people that struggle. Sydney Penner bring to light the transition challenges that face both Students and Leaders when the Pastor leaves.

HOW TO SERIES: There is a ton of things that happen in ministry that are just never really thought at Bible School. Being a Pastor involves a lot of on the ground training. This series is designed to help you with those “How To…” moments.

  • Weddings: Every Pastor at some point in time will get asked to do a wedding, but are you ready?
  • Networking: This is a guide for all those people who know they have to network but don’t really like doing it.


  • Short Term Missions: There is great good and great harm that can come from Short Term Missions work through the church. Striking the balance between these two polar opposites can be difficult.
  • 10 Tips for Leading a Small Group: Leading a small group is not always as easy as it may seem, and often comes with little to no practical training. These tips will hopefully save you from learning some of them the hard way.

DNA SERIES: DNA Guides/Videos are designed specifically to bring in Pastors, Leaders and Experts to provide the foundation (DNA) blocks for you to craft your own program component. The goal is not to sell our method but use practical examples to drive home the foundations. 

  • Year Long Planning Guide: Creating a Year Long Planner is extremely important but not something everyone has done. This DNA Guide will help you craft your very own planner.
  • How to Write A Sermon: It’s exciting to see young men and women step up and preach in their youth groups, but preaching can be a daunting task. There is an art form and method to it, on-top of the fact you want to make sure you are interpreting God’s word correctly.

GAME GUIDES: Download complete Youth Group Games


  • Summer Ministry: Summer Ministry is one of the most vital times in Youth so why do so few Youth Groups choose to meet consistently in the summer?