I’m Bored

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been slipping on my goal of a post a week in 2022. I’ve been travelling a fair bit for work, and the time zones are starting to catch up to me (I’m going from Vancouver to Toronto and back each weekend). All that airplane time has got my brain spinning with some new ideas, but I want to jump back into an old one this week.

Part of what’s been so challenging about my current travel situation is that I’m out of rhythm. My life is a bit off. My days off are on the wrong days, I often don’t know what time it is, and I still have a ton of work to do on top of the reason for the travels. It’s forced me to think about Sabbath, rest and how I use my 5 hours of travel time on each flight.

Back in the fall of 2019, I wrote a blog titled Sabbath = Brilliance. It’s based on a podcast series and book that I love. What I love about it is that it just makes sense. The basic premise is that our brains need boredom to function correctly. We need to “turn off” our work, phones, TVs, Netflix etc. and just be bored. But what Manoush misses is that she’s really talking about is sabbath rest. God designed Sabbath to do precisely what she is talking about.

In this crazy season (for me anyway), it’s easy to fill my time with stuff to do, projects to work on or shows to catch up on. But I think I might take some time to just sit, maybe draw or read a book on my next flight. Unplug from the world a bit, let my mind wander and see where the Holy Spirit leads me.

You can read the original article here, and I strongly encourage you to check out Manoush Zomorodi other work.

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