Favourite Digital Resources

This week we are taking a break from our 10 Leadership Principles series to talk a bit about resources. In my role at work, I get asked all the time for the best places to get good Kids and Youth resources. So I would share with you the list I put together for my team. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does contain my all-time favourite sites. I’ve even been using resources like the “TheSource4YM” for over a decade. I hope you find it helpful, and if you think I’m missing something, leave a comment below.

CORE RESOURCES: These are always good places to start.

  • Orange Kids – This is a great kids resource, blogs, podcasts etc. – LINK
  • Orange Leaders – Lots of great general resources with a mix of free and paid options – LINK   
  • Orange Students – This is a great student resource, blogs, podcasts etc.  – LINK
  • Parent Cue – Lots of great parent resources and links to the app – LINK
  • Life Church Resources – A little bit of everything – LINK
  • Canadian Youth Worker – The great work Sid Koop and Jeremy MacDonald are doing in Canada – LINK

GOOD PLACES TO CHECK: These are great sites, but sometimes you need to dig a bit to find the gold.

  • Ministry Boost – Good courses and resources, lots of free stuff – LINK
  • Axis – Lots of parent and teen resources (Looking into a membership) – LINK
  • Alpha Canada – Courses, webinars, blog and Canadian context – LINK

JESSE FAV’S: These are my all-time favourite places to get support, resources or ideas

  • LeaderTreks – Tons on leadership and student development and some great blogs. – Link. 
  • Fuller Youth Institute – Lots of parent and youth resources – LINK
  • TheSource4YM – Games, Games, Games – LINK
  • SonLife – Cool old school discipleship material – LINK
  • Youth Group Collective – This site has a good selection of mixers and most of them are FREE – LINK

EXTRAS: These are good sites to check out, but odds are high you already do.

  • Center For Parent and Youth Understanding – Lots of parent/youth resources around youth culture – LINK
  • Fuller Youth Institute This is a great source of youth and ministry data and culture studies – LINK
  • Download Youth Ministry – Lots of paid resources, games and ideas. Think the amazon of Youth Ministry- LINK

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