Zombies, Football and the Gospel

Several years ago now (around 2012), I had an opportunity to attend my first Orange Tour just outside of Seattle. I had heard about Orange for a few years and knew a few people using their curriculum material. But I hadn’t had much experience with them. However, I was excited to learn more but had no idea how much my world was going to change because of that one day conference.

That particular Orange Tour was split into two parts. One part talked about a new resource for Small Groups called Lead Small (which was also mind-blowing). The second half of the day jumped into a book called “Zombies, Football and the Gospel” by Reggie Joiner. It was a conversation about culture and the changes that were coming from the emerging Millennial Generation.

I was fascinated all day and knew I had found something that was going to change everything. So I bought the books and began an adventure that would change my life and ministry, and that journey started with this book.

At its core, this “Zombies, Football and the Gospel” is a book about looking back at “Game-Changes” in culture. These moments gave us a look at the past but also a glimpse in the future. Reggie identifies 10 game-changing moments and invites the reader to jump into the journey and wrestle with the outcomes. This is not a book full of answers; instead, it’s a book full of questions, and the reader is invited into the discussion.

I’ve been thinking a lot about ministry, my journey and this book because I believe Covid-19 is a new “Game-Changer.” Reggie himself recognizes that the work he has done is this book is not 100% complete.

So over the next number of weeks, I’m going to read and write my way through “Zombies, Football and the Gospel.” I’m going to talk about my original discoveries, the ideas they sparked and what these game-changers can tell us about how to live in a Covid-19 world.

So join me in the ride, grab a book or just follow along. My hope and prayer is that you will be inspired, challenged and forced to get out of the weeds of ministry and think about the bigger things.



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If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.


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