CSC Week #4

After a few weeks of sickness and life just getting in the way I’m back and ready to spark some creativity. If you’re not sure what the Creativity Spark Challenge is or want a refresher on why I’ve launched this challenge go back and read the first post and check out last week’s post. 

PROGRAM CREATIVITY: One of the ways creativity can be sparked is through program CPR (Create, Plan and Redesign) and is an excellent tool to jumpstart creativity. This week I want you to focus on “Redesign”. Your challenge is to simply pick one thing in your ministry that you know could use a redesign. It could be something as simple as how you do announcements, organize your meeting space or take time to redesign a whole area of your program (years ago I redesigned my communication to include the creation of an app). Regardless of what chooses the goal is to just pick one thing, not everything just one thing. 

SPIRITUAL CREATIVITY: I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer as 2020 starts and it’s something I think we can all focus on this coming year. The challenge for most of us is that our prayer life can easily become routine. I think many of us are basically just “going through the motions”. It’s not to say that God’s not working but something about the passion of prayer seems to be missing. Creativity is all about tapping into one’s passions and for 2020 my challenge to you is to pray differently. Try one or all of the following options…

    • Google ways to pray and see what you find
    • Try writing your prayers out in a journal (or bullet journal)
    • One day a week draw/sketch out your prayers
    • Use prayer app like “Inner Room
    • Create a prayer group of friends you trust

PERSONAL CREATIVITY: This week’s challenge is to just go outside and spend time in God’s creation. January is often a cold, grey, snow/rain month and it’s easy to get sucked in the grey. Getting outside, feeling the wind, playing in the snow or jumping in a big puddle can help embrace the season and all that God has created. But remember the golden rule…NO WORK TALK 

Jesse Title Grey Background
If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.


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