Week #1 – Good, Bad and Ugly

One of the things I do when I coach pastor/leaders is ask a series of questions. I figured for this transition journey I would ask myself the same series of questions and post my responses at the ed of each week. What I like about these questions is that if forces you to stop reflect but it also helps create a pattern over time. You can start to see your progression and what God’s been doing in your life. 

Week: June 23-29 (I’ll catch up soon I promise)

What was GOOD this week? The best part of this week was being on vacation. We headed to the Okanagan for a week and it’s been a blast so far. I loved going to the kangaroo farm with my family and watching my girls bravely hold a snake for the first time. We have been coming here for yeas and its been fun to watch how each year they get more and more brave and outgoing. 

What was BAD this week? There have still be some hard conversation as I walk away from my work commitments. Not everyone understands what’s going on and I don’t really have answers for them but people don’t always like that. Each conversation can feel likes it’s adding a weight and at the same time I’m doing my best to let go of the weights. It can be a hard balance. 

What was UGLY this week? Officially nothing was ugly this week but cutting strings and letting go is not easy. These moments are not good or bad… they are just hard.

How’s your HEART doing? Over all if I had to give it a rating out of 10 I would give it a 7. I’m excited for the future and the possibilities before us but I know I’m going to be missing opportunities/events coming up. I think in transition it’s easy for a heart to become hard. God’s been gracious to me and the outpouring of love and support from people has been overwhelming. Their words have kept my heart soft and sensitive to what God wants to do in this season and I’m grateful for that. 

Jesse Signiture
If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.

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