Let The Season Begin

May is the start of two things in the ministry world…. Weddings and Transitions. Below are three Guides that can help you during this season.

How to title

Weddings: Every Pastor at some point in time will get asked to do a wedding. In the world of Youth Ministry this is actually fairly commonplace. Either because your young 20’s leaders start to get married or the relationship you develop with some of your students extends beyond High School.

Hard Ministry Moments Title

This can also be a season when Pastors and Leaders start to transitioning from one church to another. This can be one of the Hardest Ministry Moments a Pastor can face and these guides are designed to help you through this process.

Top 10 Transition Tips: Regardless of why the transitioning is happening we need to make sure that we transition well and honour the ministry / church / program we are leaving.

Transition A Students Prospective: Transitions can be hard on a Youth Pastor but they are not the only people that struggle. Sydney Penner bring to light the transition challenges that face both Students and Leaders when the Pastor leaves.

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