Our Growing Team

I’m super excited to announce that our team is growing here at Fresh Ministry Consulting. Not only is Michelle our Chief Editor but starting this week we have added two new people to the team, Sydney and Matt.

Sydney and Matt are both joining our team as Content Creators. Sydney Penner will be creating content from the student perspective. She graduated a year ago and has a huge heart and passion for youth ministry. She was one of my early Student Leaders and has always had an critical eye to help make things better. She will be making some of her own content but most of the time you will see her STUDENT PERSPECTIVE note within our blogs and posts.

Matt Boettcher will also be creating new content but Matt’s primary area will be blogging his journey as he steps into his very first SOLO Youth Pastor role. Matt is one of the best young Pastors that I know and he has a passion for writing and teaching. He is funny, great at his job and has a huge heart for ministry.

These three amazing people and myself make up the founding team for Fresh Ministry Consulting and we are pumped for the future. Each one of them brings something new to the table and helps bring the counter point to my experience. I’ve been honoured to call them friends for years and now I’m excited to call them teammates.


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