Zombies, Football and the Gospel

Several years ago now (around 2012), I had an opportunity to attend my first Orange Tour just outside of Seattle. I had heard about Orange for a few years and knew a few people using their curriculum material. But I hadn’t had much experience with them. However, I was excited to learn more but had no idea how much my world was going to change because of that one day conference.

That particular Orange Tour was split into two parts. One part talked about a new resource for Small Groups called Lead Small (which was also mind-blowing). The second half of the day jumped into a book called “Zombies, Football and the Gospel” by Reggie Joiner. It was a conversation about culture and the changes that were coming from the emerging Millennial Generation.

I was fascinated all day and knew I had found something that was going to change everything. So I bought the books and began an adventure that would change my life and ministry, and that journey started with this book.

At its core, this “Zombies, Football and the Gospel” is a book about looking back at “Game-Changes” in culture. These moments gave us a look at the past but also a glimpse in the future. Reggie identifies 10 game-changing moments and invites the reader to jump into the journey and wrestle with the outcomes. This is not a book full of answers; instead, it’s a book full of questions, and the reader is invited into the discussion.

I’ve been thinking a lot about ministry, my journey and this book because I believe Covid-19 is a new “Game-Changer.” Reggie himself recognizes that the work he has done is this book is not 100% complete.

So over the next number of weeks, I’m going to read and write my way through “Zombies, Football and the Gospel.” I’m going to talk about my original discoveries, the ideas they sparked and what these game-changers can tell us about how to live in a Covid-19 world.

So join me in the ride, grab a book or just follow along. My hope and prayer is that you will be inspired, challenged and forced to get out of the weeds of ministry and think about the bigger things.



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You Are Not Alone

Over the last number of weeks I have been watching and listening to pastors, volunteers and churches grapple with the new reality of the world. Some have been excited at the challenge, while for others, it’s been overwhelming and isolating.

So I decided to gather some of my friends and together film a little encouragement video. It turned out to be a bit longer than I had attended, but I love how it all came together. Our prayer has been that this video would encourage you to never forget, you are not alone.

Love you all and praying for you in this season

Jesse, Nathaniel, Sophia, Robyn, Kaylan, Camilli, Brad, Emily, Mikayla and the Twins

For a Time Such as This

It has become our morning routine in our house to wake-up, eat breakfast, have coffee/tea time while my Twins play and eventually, the girls will watch a movie. At the same time, I get ready, and my wife starts working from home. Each day they pick a movie, and today it was the “Prince of Egypt.”

Usually an hour into the movie someone comes a find me asking for a snack and so today like every day I obliged and went to make the snack. However, I stopped in the living room to catch my favourite scene of the “Prince of Egypt.” It’s the scene where God calls Moses to go to Egypt.

As I watched this moment unfold for probably the hundredth time (I love this movie), tears rolled down my face. The moment when God declares “who made man’s mouth…” always stirs something up in my soul.

It’s a powerful moment where God declares to Moses… I am with you because I created you. I will give you everything you need because I know you more intimately than anyone else in all of creation. I am the great I AM

I find myself thinking about all the pastors, leaders/volunteers, church staff, elders, deacons etc. in churches across the globe. They are each trying to figure out what Church looks like in these unprecedented days, especially with Easter just around the corner. I know some have expressed what Moses express in this video and the bible story… I can’t do this, please send someone else.

Exodus 4:10 But Moses said to the Lord, “Oh, my Lord, I am not eloquent, either in the past or since you have spoken to your servant, but I am slow of speech and of tongue.” (ESV)

Maybe you don’t know how to do it, or the technology overwhelms you or you’re sick or caring for people who are ill and have nothing left to give. Maybe the presser of Easter has overwhelmed you.

Hear the words of God to Moses and take heart as these words are for you today as well.

Exodus 4:11-12 “Then the Lord said to him, “Who has made man’s mouth? Who makes him mute, or deaf, or seeing, or blind? Is it not I, the Lord? 12 Now therefore go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you shall speak.” (ESV)

As you go into your weekend and the passion week next week, trust and believe that God has called you to be right where you are for a time such as this. You are not here by accident; instead, it’s by design because you can something no one else can do because no one else is you. So take heart, trust and believe that God is you’re great, I AM.

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If you would like to know more about this topic or learn how to implement this in your youth program feel free to contact me.