No matter where you are on your Youth Ministry journey we are all bound to have questions. However sometimes we struggle or are afraid to ask people help when we hot a wall. The goal of these Leadership Videos is to give you a safe place to learn from the private of your own computer.


DNA: Great Youth Games – This is my friend Samatha and years ago she went from being one of my students to being one of my best volunteer leaders. Early on I started coaching Samatha to run our “Game Time” each week.



  • Retreats: Retreats are one of the most important events we can do in youth ministry.
  • Summer Ministry: Summer Ministry is one of the most vital times in Youth so why do so few Youth Groups choose to meet consistently in the summer?


  • Top 10 Transition Tips: Regardless of why the transitioning is happening we need to make sure that we transition well and honour the ministry / church / program we are leaving.
  • Transition A Students Prospective: Transitions can be hard on a Youth Pastor but they are not the only people that struggle. Sydney Penner bring to light the transition challenges that face both Students and Leaders when the Pastor leaves.

DNA SERIES: DNA Guides/Videos are designed specifically to bring in Pastors, Leaders and Experts to provide the foundation (DNA) blocks for you to craft your own program component. The goal is not to sell our method but use practical examples to drive home the foundations. 

  • Great Youth Games: Samatha is one of the BEST games people I have ever met and someone I turn to for advice on how to lead Great Youth Games.