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The Youth Ministry Guide Series” is everything I wish I was told about Youth Ministry when I first started out. Each book contains a full walkthrough and worksheets to integrate the ideas and concepts into their youth program. It’s designed to be done as a team or as individuals. Here is a quick snapshot for each book.

  • Planning Events: Youth ministries plan more events than any other ministry in the local church. Events will either further your mission or they will pull your group off mission. Planning Events eBook will help you dream, create, and organize your ideas to help you create the best events for your youth ministry! COST: $7 USD
  • Leading Change: Leading effective change is essential for leadership. To engage an ever-changing world with the unchanging Gospel, we must lead our youth ministries through change in methods from time to time. Leading Change eBook will walk you through a system to implement healthy change in your youth ministry. COST: $7 USD
  • Developing Series: Each week you have to come up with fresh content to teach your students. Creativity doesn’t happen overnight – you need a plan. Developing Series eBook will help you dream, create, and organize your teaching ideas to develop teaching series that connect with students. COST: $7 USD


Youth Ministry Guide Series Bundle: Three of the main responsibilities for a youth pastor are leadership, planning, and discipleship.The Youth Ministry Guide Series Bundle is a download of our three eBooks – Leading Change, Planning Events, and Developing Series. COST: $18 USD